The first officers and board of directors were elected in 1987 and Jose Ruiz was the Executive Director.  The Art Guild held it's first art show at Bradshaw Mounain High School in November, 1987.  Since then the Art Guild has held many art shows, has provided judges for student art shows, has provided classes and workshops, provides professional art presentations at monthly meetings and supports local artists through an Art Around Town program.



The Prescott Valley Art Guild is a non-profit organization of artists who promote art awareness in Prescott Valley, Arizona and surrounding areas and support the creative growth of members and area artists.  Guild members represent every discipline including painters, illustrators, photographers, potters, sculptors, carvers, stained glass and fiber artists.

The Guild meets on the third Wednesday of each month, except in July and December, for a business meeting, networking with other artists, demonstrations and competitions.  (See newsletter for current competitions and demonstrations)  Meetings provide opportunities to learn from skilled practitioners and are entertaining and focused on issues relevant to members.  Members are encouraged to bring their work to the meetings and participate in a monthly competition which includes judging of the work by members of the Guild.

Our History

The Prescott Valley Art Guild began meeting informally in 1986, and after developing By-laws and Articles of Incorporation was established as a 501.(c).(3) non-profit organization in January, 1988.  The Guild has had strong supporters in the community, has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce since the beginning, as well as receiving ongoing support from the Town of Prescott Valley.  The Guild has also established relationships with some local businesses where their work is displayed to the public and is for sale.  The Guild has provided volunteers for art programs in the public schools and has participated in numerous community events.


2011 -2012  GUILD PROJECT - A MURAL  

The Prescott Valley Art Guild designed and created a mural as a gift to the Town of Prescott Valley to commemorate the State of Arizona Centennial on February 14, 2012.  The mural is on permanent display in the Prescott Valley Library.  Several members of the Guild worked on the design.  Painting of the mural by Guild member artists Paulette Bedford, Mei-June Liao, Carole Holloway and Leland Morse began in November, 2011 and was completed by February 1, 2012. To see more photos of creation of the mural, click here.  The mural is entitled "Arizona Centennial Mural", is 48" x 120", and was painted with acrylic paints on wood panels. 








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